Lands Department


Working with the Land Authority, the Lheidli T’enneh Lands Department develops effective principles, policies and procedures to ensure effective and efficient management and administration of Lheidli Lands.

The department facilitates the administrative law making powers of the band administration under the ratified Lheidli Land Code, 2000 by working with the elected officials of Council and the Land Authority, to develop laws relating to taxation and general disposition and development on reserve lands.

The Lands Department receives all inquiries concerning Lheidli Lands, and where issues related to proposed activities and development are reviewed. The department provides recommendations for decisions to the Lheidli Administration on proposed activity and development. The department is also responsible for land use planning and conducting administrative duties associated with land management. Some of the responsibilities assigned to the Lands Department include:

  1. Developing, implementing and maintaining Lheidli Land Use Plans;
  2. Providing land & land development administration and services;
  3. Providing recommendations regarding the use of Lheidli Lands;
  4. Communicating information on land use activities;
  5. Maintaining a GIS library of digital mapping; and
  6. Communicating, as required, with other agencies on matters arising from proposed activities or development.

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