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Employment & Training Department

The Lheidli T’enneh Employment & Training Department provides access to employment opportunities for Band members and ensures a sustainable and stable workforce necessary to advance the nation.  This department works in partnership with communities and other agencies to develop and provide a wide range of employment opportunities, training, and support services. 

Band members can receive a wide range of assistance from the department in order to help them achieve employment.  This includes assistance with individual training courses, writing resume and cover letters, job searches, securing funding in order to purchase required work gear, transportation to job sites located out of town, as well as how to further their own education in order to meet job requirements.  The goal of the Employment & Training Department is to help reduce barriers, achieve and maintain low unemployment rates, and help the overall reduction in poverty and dependency.  In addition to helping individuals develop financial security, the departments creates an improved quality of life for the Lheidli T’enneh Nation as a whole, positioning the band to participate in the world more fully and equitably. 

Capacity Development & Training Coordinator

Barb Allan is the Lheidli T’enneh capacity development & training officer. Going above and beyond simply informing community members of new job postings, Barb’s role also includes educating clients on changing workforce requirements and maintaining important workplace partnerships with Lheidli. 

While there are often barriers to securing employment, sometimes the challenge to becoming employed is knowing what kind of job you want.  Barb can help with that too and is ready to assist clients in developing an action plan to determine what interests they might have, what jobs might appeal to them, and how to apply for them.

After graduating from high school, Barb attended the College of New Caledonia where she received a two-year business management diploma.  Interested in working for a First Nation organization in Prince George, Barb spent years working with PGNAETA before moving on to becoming employed by the Tribal Council.  By the time Barb applied for a position with Lheidli, the managers were already familiar with the work she had done and the contributions she had made towards First Nation communities in the north.  For the past six years, Barb has gladly continued to work for Lheidli in helping others gain meaningful employment.  She knows her hard work is worth it when she is able to add new success stories from past clients to her final reports.

Seeking Employment

Job Boards & Apply Online

Lheidli has two job boards for community members to stay updated on new employment opportunities.   One is located at the Band Office on the south side, the other at the Learning Centre on the north side. These job boards also have sections devoted to community news, meetings, etc.

We also post our internal careers and external job postings online.

Outland Youth Employment Program

The Outland Youth Employment Program (OYEP) is designed for Indigenous youth, 16-18 years old.  By completing this provincial program, young adults can attain valuable skills while working and living in remote camps.  During this unique work experience, they’ll travel around the province, camping and hiking, all while earning a competitive wage as well as two high school credits.  More information can be found on their website.

Labour Force Skills Inventory

The Labour Force Skills Inventory is a skills data base.  In partnership with the Band’s Social Assistance Department and the capacity development & training coordinator, community members reflect on what skillsets they have and what work opportunities might be best suited for them to put those skillsets to use. 


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