Elders Society

Elders Society

The Elders Society

Lheidli T’enneh Elders have decided to create an Elders Society called “Lheidli Dakelh Elders Society”. The word Dakelh means “of the People”.

Elders of our community have knowledge gained through their experiences of life. We come together to share our knowledge and wisdom with the youth and adults of our Nation. Through our Society, we will be able to access funding that will benefit our community.

We are inclusive, not exclusive. Everybody will benefit from the Society.

Our purpose is to pass on our traditions through cultural practices. Seven generations from now, our “future” generations will have the knowledge taught in cultural fishing camps, hunting camps, berry picking, knowledge in our plants and what their medicinal purposes are, our language which is so important to who we are, drum-making, drumming, dancing, crafts as in beading, potlatch system, lineage, where we come from.

We must not forget who we are: Lheidli “where the two rivers flow together”, T’enneh“the People”. We dedicate ourselves to teach our Nation and our community of Prince George the richness of our culture.

Innately, we are connected to the land, where we receive sustenance in all aspects of who we are, through… Our physical beings, emotional and mental beings and last, who we really are… Where our spirit comes from… “Creator”.

Mussi Cho

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