Social Assistance

Social Assistance Department

The Lheidli T’enneh Social Assistance works hand-in-hand with the Housing Department to provide financial benefits and services to individuals and families.

The Social Assistance Department helps individuals access services in order to live independently and enhance their ability to assume responsibility for their own affairs.  The objective of the Social Assistance program is to assist band members living on-reserve to maintain a basic standard of living through financial assistance.  Helping clients access services not only enhances their ability to assume primary responsibility for their own affairs, it prevents dependency by developing individual and family strengths. 

If applicants require help prior to or in addition to receiving social assistance (finding employment, applying for training, or accessing health resources) the social development employee can refer them to those respective departments. 

Applying for Social Assistance

The Social Assistance program provides temporary financial support to eligible clients in need.  In order to apply for social assistance, applicants must be living on reserve and receive no other income.  The best way to determine applicability for social assistance is to contact the social assistance clerk.  This is to ensure the application forms are filled out correctly, but also so applicants can be made aware of any other opportunities that might help them, like finding housing or work. 

Tips for applying for Social Assistance

When you apply for and receive Social Assistance, you are responsible for:

  • Completing all eligibility forms.
  • Disclosing all required information such as providing copies of bills and rental agreements.
  • Using all available resources and income to support yourself before applying for income assistance.
  • Promptly informing the BSDW of any personal or household changes that may change your eligibility.

If you are able to work, you are responsible for: 

  • Working towards greater or complete independence from income assistance.
  • Participating in available employability programs.
  • Seeking work at all times.
  • Being available for all work you are qualified for at all times.


Meet the People

Wendy Jael is the Social Development Clerk for Lheidli T’enneh.

As the Social Development Clerk, Wendy helps clients by walking them through the application process to ensure forms are filled out correctly so financial aid can be received without delay or complication.  She is also available as support if they have any questions or concerns about the required reporting.




Lheidli T’enneh Social Assistance Department

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